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Imagine exploring the most spectacular and – for all but the most privileged few –inaccessible archipelagos on the planet; a realm of uninhabited islands and deserted beaches, remote tribal villages and historic spice-trade sites, pristine coral reefs and dazzling marine life. Mantamae’s 7-to-14-day voyages around Raja Ampat, the Spice Islands, Komodo, Flores and Sulawesi are the ideal way to explore Indonesia’s far-flung eastern islands. Book a cabin on one of our regular scheduled trips, or choose to charter Mantamae for your family and friends, and enjoy the freedom of a customised itinerary created to your personal preference.

RAJA AMPAT On Earth Raja Ampat has been described by many scientists as the richest place for Marine life on Earth, a diver’s mecca that relatively advanced divers should not miss. The biodiversity is just amazing with weird and rare underwater creatures everywhere you look and many new species have been discovered over the last few years in the archipelago. Raja Ampat is like heaven for underwater photography with magnificent hard and soft coral, clear water and a teeming reef life. These islands are very rich in macro life with just about all of the kind of critters you can dream of!

KOMODO ISLAND Located in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago in the Flores Sea, Komodo National Park consists of the three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and many more smaller ones. As a result of volcanic activity, the unique geology of Komodo National Park Islands offers stunning scenery above and below water. The islands feature a dramatic wild savannah landscape with patches of forest, white and pinky sandy beaches, blue lagoons teeming with fish and some of the most spectacular underwater sceneries in the world.

BANDA SEA Stunning unspoilt coral gardens make the Banda Sea one of the most extraordinary scuba diving spots in the world. Within the Southeast Moluccas archipelago, chains of undeveloped islands create a diving paradise, with deep vertical wall dives and many marine species including whales, sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and dugong. While they still seem incredibly remote, the Banda Islands – the fabled Spice Islands – were once famous as the only place on the planet where nutmeg ws grown (and savagely fought over by colonial powers).

FORGOTTEN ISLAND The Forgotten Islands offer some of the best diving in Indonesian waters and are for true explorers, adventure divers and snorkelers seeking out something unique and special. Expect to find stunning corals , a profusion of unusual and rare critters, pelagic fish and schools of barracuda and mackerel. You might have the chance to meet a large numbers of hammerhead sharks, and even the elusive whale shark.

PRIVATE CRUISE A luxury yacht charter is the ultimate platform for exploration, giving you the freedom to set your own course for the holiday of a lifetime. Chartering the two-masted phinisi Mantamae gives you access to some of the most spectacular locations within the western Pacific Ocean’s Coral Triangle, and in unparalleled comfort and luxury. Whatever your dreams, are passionate to create some of your best memories of your life, matching every guest with their desires and dreaming destinations. A yacht charter is an escape on your own terms.

Life aboard Mantamae is about being free to make new choices and enjoy new experiences at your own pace. Every day unveils new enchantments – diving with manta rays in the world’s most species-rich seas, snorkelling among spectacular coral gardens, water-skiing in the calm of a lagoon, beach-combing on a deserted island, bargaining for an heirloom ikat textile in an isolated weaving village, visiting a 500-year-old fort in the famed spice islands. Mantamae is very well equipped and your charter fee includes all diving and water-sports and many land excursions.

DIVING Indonesia’s eastern archipelago is renowned for its spectacular marine bio-diversity, and the most sought-after, species-rich dive spots on the planet, the Coral Triangle. Mantamae is fully equipped for scuba diving, with dedicated RIB dive tenders, compressors, Nitrox, tanks, and a full set of gear for each guest – wetsuit, BCD, fins, mask, snorkel, weight belt. Our cruise director knows the waters intimately and takes pleasure in guiding guests to his favourite, little known and newly discovered sites.

WATERSPORTS Not everyone is into diving, so Mantamae has a variety of water toys for those who prefer to keep above water! Slice through the sea in our sleek kayaks, or raise your adrenalin levels with water-skiing. Water-skiing and wakeboarding are also popular pursuits, particularly in calm lagoon waters and snorkelling is a breeze when you’ve a sea scooter to propel you through the crystal clear waters. Outside protected marine parks, guests may like to fish.

LAND EXCURSIONS Whether your interest is culture, history, ecology or wildlife, Indonesia’s eastern archipelago presents an amazing range of land-based experienced, including those only reached by sea. Meet colourful tribes in Papua, traditional weaving villages in Flores, and the famed whale hunters of Alor. Visit historic forts, colonial landmarks and pearl farms in the Bandas. Spot Birds of Paradise, Hornbills and Flying Foxes in Raja Ampat, and get close to the pre-historic dragons of Komodo.

SHIPWRECKED IN STYLE The sound of softly crashing waves, gently blowing breezes, and the supportive feel of soft sand underneath make for a very special atmosphere for romance.

CUISINE There’s nothing like the sea are to sharpen appetites on board. Our Indonesian gourmet chef takes great pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients from high-quality Indonesian suppliers, local markets and fishermen delivering a splendid fusion of Asian and Italian cuisine. Three times a day he will create hearty meals that will be served family style on the foredeck dining table.

Sample Itinery

KOMODO – BALI 10 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS -Itinerary – Day 1-4 Komodo Mantamae staff will pick you up at Labuan Bajo airport in Flores and accompany you to the dock for immediate boarding and departure. During a light lunch you will be briefed on Manta Mae and, depending on the time of your arrival, will also be briefed on the “check dive”. The small island of Sebayur offers nice diving just a few miles from Labuan Bajo’s harbour. Sebayur Kecil and Mini Wall are perfect for warm-up dives and you are likely to see bronze sweepers, lionfish, eels, and possibly the resident ghost pipefish. The staggered tiers of the neighboring patch reef are home to many different species of nudibranchs, pipefish, sea fans, sponges and even a few twin-spot lionfish. In addition to diving day-time, we’ll offer a night dive every day if conditions are favorable. We will visit and dive during these days the following spots (2/3 dive per day) – Gili Lawat and Darat – Batu Balong – Makassar straight – Castel Rock

  • Rinca – Siaba Island
    The dramatic underwater landscape with its great walls is home to an incredible variety of sea life and corals. Sharks, giant trevallies, unicorns, rainbow runners, turtles, barracudas and napoleon wrasse. We will also encountered mantas, turtles, eagle rays and white tip and black tip reef sharks/ It’s also a great site for snorkeling. We will dive a beautiful coral garden and we will meet crocodile fish lie on the scenic reef alongside a host of reef fish and schooling barracuda, nudibranchs.
 We will trek half hours to see the legendary prehistoric lizard Komodo Dragons. Day 5 Early morning we will wake up in East Sumbawa Two morning dive at Pulau Sangeang
 Afternoon go to north and dive close to Bima Overnight sail
    Day 6 One morning dive in Pulau Satonda and two in Pulau Mojo and Mandang Island Way to Lombok/Gili
    Day 7 Gili Meno – Air Continue sailing to the beautiful islands of Gili, starting with the three most famous Gilis – Air, Meno, and Trawangan. Dive Air Wall
 Meno Bounty (Gili Meno) and staute Halik or Shark Point Overnight Sail
    Day 8 Nusa Lembongan/ Penida Wake up in Nusa Lembongan
 Manta Point/ Manta 66 Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay

    • we will visit Nusa Penida or Lembongan considering the weather condition (current and waves)
      Day 9 Bali No dive today, just land excursion to discover the wilderness of Nusa Penida Kling Kling Beach Angel’s Billabong Broken Bay Over night sail to Bali
      Day 10 -Bali Departure day

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